What our clients are saying about Top Cat Cleaning

From AngiesList.com:
“This was the second time I hired Top Cat Cleaning to clean my house. The first time was in July and they performed a deep cleaning, which was fantastic! The first cleaning cost $240 since it was a deep cleaning. Both times were well worth it. Terri and Ron and their crew went above and beyond my expectations of cleaning.

The deep cleaning they performed included (but was not limited to):

– dusting and floors in all rooms
– microwave, sink and all counter tops in the kitchen–they even moved stuff off the counter tops to clean them; totally unexpected
– dusting all stuffed animals in my bedroom, all of my fake flowers and nicknacks on the kitchen ledge, and all of my nicknacks in my office–hadn’t been cleaned for months
– vacuuming the cat perches and furniture –again, totally unexpected

Even for the second cleaning they moved stuff to clean under, dusted my other nicknacks (and I have many!) and vacuumed the cat perches and furniture. Also for both cleanings, they took the extra time to clean the family bathroom first so I could put my fraidy cat in there so as not to upset her when they cleaned my office. I am just not used to this type of personal service, but I am certainly thankful that they go the extra mile. The added benefit is that they and their crews are super nice.
Member Comments:
From start to finish, Terri, Ron, and their crew were professional and just as nice as they could be. They were on time and didn’t waste any time getting started. They have a game plan and they stick to it, but will deviate if needed, as I previously mentioned. They listened to me and asked me questions if I wasn’t clear. I was hesitant to even hire a cleaning service because my first experience last year with another company was a disaster. Thankfully, I found Top Cat on Angie’s List and all my fears have been laid to rest with them. They offered to clean anything and everything. I am a very distrusting person, but after meeting Terri and Ron and their crews, I can honestly say that I would not hesitate to give them the key to my house to come in and clean without me being home. As a norm, I do not let ANYONE in my house unless somebody is home.

As an example of how nice and personable they are, I cut my finger while they were here for the second cleaning. It was pretty bad and would not stop bleeding. Ron took the time to help me put a bandaid on the cut. I don’t normally need help with bandaids, but on that particular day I sure was glad he was there.”
D. Martin
Riverview, Fl.

“I happen to be a heart transplant patient, living in Brandon, and I contacted the owners, Terri and Ron, and even though they were out of state, I received a return all within 3 hours, of posting a “request for a Quote” on their site.  When they returned home, they responded to my home at a time convienent for me.  They came to my home and had three workers, both owners, and a wonderful assistant.  Within 31/2-4 hours they hd my entire home sparkling!  Very high caliber of integrity, and honesty, Just down right good folks!”

Michael Ray Cary
Brandon, Fl.
(813) 244-8578

“Top Cat Cleaning was quick to respond to our requests and were able to fit us into their schedule at a moment’s notice.  Their initial cleaning was phenomenal and has improved the look of the entire office.  Everything looks, feels and smells dust free and clean again.  Thank you for your hard work and professionalism. ”

Dr. Alessio Conte & Staff
Brandon, FL

“WOW!!! Spotless house, and friendly service. THANK YOU!
We hired Top Cat Cleaning to help us with our home- our 3 kids (under age 3!) keep us so busy we just haven’t had the time, but we do have the mess!
When the team showed up, They were amazingly friendly- so much so we decided to get the family out of the house for the 4 hour deep clean. Ron and Terri are a husband and wife team who made us feel at ease when leaving.
When we got back— OH MY GOODNESS! The house sparkled.. smelled great, and they got to places that had NEVER been cleaned. The bathroom was radiant, the walls, ceiling, even cleaned the chandelier!
I wish I could recommend them to ANYONE who is looking for house cleaners. They take pride in what they do, and their rates are excellent for what they do.
We are sold on Top Cat Cleaning!!!

Dave and Renea Hamilton
Valrico, FL

“Quick, Efficient, and Enjoyable!
Top Cat Cleaning LLC has been cleaning both our studio and my home and I can not say enough good things about Terri Crimaldi and her crew. They are thorough and reliable. We never have to worry about a thing. They are professional and trustworthy. We trust them to take care of our studio even when we are not there. They are quick, efficient and have enjoyable personalities.

Betty Huth and Ed Booth
Huth & Booth, The Portrait Gallery
Brandon, FL

“Excellent service, on time and thorough.

I love using TC cleaning service, the ladies are very courteous and attentive to detail. Personally, they are the cats meow when it comes to cleaning.

Lee S.
Riverview, FL

“Great cleaning Service!”

I have been using TCC for over 1 year now and am extremely happy with their services. The girls are friendly, on time, and very thorough. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Prices are excellent as well!

Valrico, FL

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